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Why we have been so quiet

Published on June 12, 2013, by in Kara the film.

About three weeks ago, we came back from the Cannes Film Festival, excited to report on our progress and the positive feedback we received to our Kara teaser. On May 28th, our eyes turned to Istanbul, Turkey. What started out as a peaceful sit-in at a small park in the heart of Istanbul, had met with an inexplicable, brutal and disproportionate use of force by the police. Within days, the protests were not about a handful of people trying to save a park from turning into a shopping mall, but rather hundreds of thousands protesting for their right to peaceful protests. (If you’ve missed the international news in the last few days, here is where you can get some comprehensive information on what’s happening in Turkey.)

We have friends and family in Turkey – or simply deeply sympathize with those, who are currently demonstrating for their fundamental human rights, freedom of speech and expression, and being treated inhumanely by their own government and police force for this very reason.

As long as Turkey is under the thick smoke of tear gas, we find it difficult to look away. Istanbul is in Kara’s heart and our hearts are with those resisting in every corner of Turkey. Diren Turkiye!

with hope,

Anne Hofmann, Julian Hermannsen, Sinem Sakaoglu

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  1. :( It´s such a shame what´s happening in Turkey.