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Emek Sinemasi – “Once there was one, then there was none”

When I started writing Kara, I had imagined one day I would sit in Emek Sinemasi and watch the film that has this cinema and the surrounding Cercle d’Orient building at its heart. A film that remembers the days I spent in this building above the cinema, watching films through the tiny window of its projection room. That, it seems, will remain an unfulfilled wish. I read with frustration and sadness the news that Emek Sinemasi has been gutted and torn down yesterday. Fallen victim to gentrification and political ambitions.

The meaning of the sentence that opens up most Turkish fairy tales (and Kara, too) rings different today: Once there was one, then there was none (bir varmis, bir yokmus).

İstanbul may have served as the capital of many empires and she may have been called countless names: Byzantium, Constantinople, Lygos, Augusta Antonina, New Rome, Queen of Cities, The City, hē Polis, Kostantiniyye, Stamboul, Islambol, Gate of Felicity, Bâb-ı Âlî, The Doorstep.

But she is forgetting her name.

4 Responses

  1. those clips from your film makes me WANT you to finish that thing and put it on the big screen. NOW… please.

  2. Gádor

    Hey, beautiful work there! I work at lighting (human scale), and I’m helping some friends now with a stop-motion project. How do you get those little tubes? What are they? Such a great result!

    • Sinem Sakaoglu

      Thank you, Gador! We were extremely pleased with the “lighttec Slimlight Fibre” that you see here in the picture. It’s bendable and comes in various sizes (thickness). I think we used the 2,3mm radius one. And they are quiet affordable (something like 10 eur. per meter) for our miniature scale. This is where we got ours from: Best of luck with your stop mo project!