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It’s a wrap!

Ok, so this is a big moment for us…After presenting work-in-progress on the teaser at Cartoon Movie, which went really well and the emotional reaction we received was more than we could have hoped for, we jumped right back into the shoot. We still had two set ups to get through, one of them being the “background” (ahem!) plate of miniature Istanbul with all its various passes – fog, practicals, on green, on black etc… – and the other the deceptively simple truck out on the marionette theater for the closing. So after a few weeks of shoot with our now much smaller team, last week we popped the champagne and called it a wrap!!

Now all we have to do is remove some rigs, stabilize some layers, composite a few thousand frames, final grade the colors, compose the music, design the sound, and voila! We will have a 3-minute teaser on our hands. All the while going through many gigabytes of ‘making of’ footage to keep you guys updated. Piece of cake.

But let’s worry about the work ahead tomorrow and take a moment to celebrate the end of the shoot: here is a sneak peek into the (still work-in-progress) teaser. Editor Katrin Brinkmann and her team from NDR took the time to visit with us about a week ago and put together this report. (Sorry to the German speakers for slightly butchering what’s clearly not my mother-tongue, especially in front of the cameras (more comfortable behind them really), but the pictures should hopefully make up for it.)

Cheers everybody!



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