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Kara at Cartoon Movie

We’re happy to be among the selected projects at Cartoon Movie this year and we’re taking a little break from the shoot to present our film in Lyon in a few days. Having wrapped the longest (1700 frames!) and most complicated shot of the teaser just yesterday, I am looking forward to seeing the footage on the big screen in stereo at the Cartoon Movie.

We’ll post some new pictures and time lapse footage from the shoot as soon as we’re back. In the meantime, here is a little recap of the two previous sets.


Click on the image for video


2 Responses

  1. the girl is soo sweet when she dances.. its going to be beautiful when you are done. Have a good trip down south!

  2. Sinem Sakaoglu

    hey Bjarne, thanks so much! (sorry for the late moderation on your comment…somehow we didn’t get a notification for it like we always do.)