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Making room for something new!

One last smoke on Kara’s rooftops.

Kara is a journey I started a few years ago, knowing it would be a long one. After quietly working on writing and re-writing the script, finishing the concept teaser and a long sabbatical due to private family matters, we’re now taking the next step!

It will still be a while before we can share the inspiring work of a very talented crew on the teaser – though it is finished, certain deals in the works require confidentiality for now.

We will however start sharing more behind the scenes photos and videos like we used to. We start the series with pictures of parting from some of our lovely sets (not thrown away, just in long term storage). It’s sad to say goodbye but very exciting to make room for new things to come on Kara’s journey.





After all these years, I still love this Yesilcam set like the first day – even under ugly ‘house lights’.


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