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Quick update from the studio – we’re shooting!!

It’s been a hell of a couple of weeks, but finally the Milo is standing in the studio – big thank you to Knut Lange -, our first set Marionette Theater has been set up and our wonderful animator Juan Soto is creating some magic. The first shot of the teaser is nearly done and it feels good to finally see things come to life after months and months of hard work. And the result is so astoundingly similar to the beautiful inspirational designs of Anne (Hofmann that is…) It is all thanks to an amazingly talented and dedicated team, who keep adding a little bit of themselves to Kara along the way. Seeing her move with a life of her own on that stage brought tears to my eyes.

But enough sobbing…We have some real nice making of videos coming soon, so keep an eye out for that. And the updates might be a bit more seldom and short these days, though we have more than ever to share with you, but first things first…we have a teaser to finish and a very tight deadline. So I’ll get back to work and leave you guys with these two pictures from our Waterloo Studios in Hamburg.

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