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Things to come

Here comes a little overview on things to expect here in the next months. As you probably noticed from the other posts, artwork is created and sets and puppets are being built, we are just getting ready for a shoot. As part of project development we are producing a 2.5 minutes teaser, to give an impression of how the feature film will look and feel like.

The film is ambitious and also technically very demanding. All this we also wanted to have in our teaser, just a bit shorter (not smaller).

We have a crew of 25+ people from 9 countries, 4 sets built in 4 different scales (shot in 5 different scales) as part of one continuous camera move shot in s3D and 3 main puppets. We will start shooting on 2nd January 2013 until end of February 2013, doing the post production parallel.

Soon there will be coverage of the shoot here, too. Until then, here is a timelapse clip of one of our blocking sessions.

blocking timelapse




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