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Yesilcam – building Kara´s street

Now that everything is “done” (which of course still is not…), we finally get around to putting together more pictures from the set-building process.

Our most complex set – both in building and shooting – is the set of Yesilcam Street, Kara´s street. This street is based on a real location – except for the parts that are made up. Sinem, Kara´s alter ego, lived here in her youth and this is where Kara´s journey in Istanbul starts.

I will present the pictures in a loose chronological order – starting with one from one of our research trips to Istanbul, when I met Ayse Teyze, who was still alive and running her tiny kiosk on Yesilcam.

Sinem and her mother in Yesilcam

Sinem and her mother in Yesilcam


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